Iron Reaver Soul Stealer – Know The Details

In anime and manga, there are many powerful attacks that characters use to defeat their enemies. These moves often have long names with a Japanese origin—such as the dreaded “Iron Reaver Soul Stealer” technique used by Inuyasha! 

Anime lovers and gamers alike love these hyperbolic abilities. But what is it about these types of attacks that make them so popular? And why do anime lovers enjoy watching them on screen? Let’s find out together!

“The Iron Reaver Soul & Stealer is one of Inuyasha’s most powerful techniques. Its name comes from the fact that it literally steals a youkai’s soul with its claws,” replies voice actor Tara Jayne, who has played Kagome Higurashi in all 167 episodes of the series. 

She means by “stealing a youkai’s soul” that Inuyasha uses his claws to tear his opponent’s body apart completely. As if they were made of paper! When he used this attack on the main character Sesshomaru, for example, Sesshomaru managed to avoid the full brunt of the attack but lost one of his arms anyway.

Iron Reaver Soul Stealer

The Origin Of The Name “Iron Reaver”

The Origin Of The Name "Iron Reaver"

The name came from the fact that Inuyasha attacks with his claws. So perhaps it would have been easier to call it “Iron Claws Soul Stealer”?  If you’re wondering why anime and manga characters use such long names for their attacks, then you’ll be interested to know that Japanese anime fans created these names!

 These types of attacks are just nicknames given by anime lovers themselves. It turns out that there is quite a lot written on this subject on Japanese anime websites in particular.

Background On The Technique

Background On The Technique

The anime series ‘Inuyasha’ is based on the manga of the same name written by Takahashi Rumiko. The anime ran for 167 episodes from 2000 – 2004, and it follows a half-demon who has been tasked with protecting the Shikon Jewel shards. 

He uses his sword Tetsusaiga and fangs to fight youkai (monsters or demons). Aside from this anime, several video games are adaptations of the anime and several films.

The Ability Of Iron Reaver Soul Stealer Was

The Ability Of Iron Reaver Soul Stealer Was

The ability of Iron reaver soul & stealer was not used in the anime until episode 29 when Inuyasha was battling against Sesshomaru. This is probably because the anime wasn’t very popular until then; however, after episode 29, it became a huge hit and received recognition for its action scenes.

It also possesses other abilities, such as cutting through barriers (elements, barriers) and opening pathways into different dimensions or worlds. This feat was achieved by Inuyasha’s half-brother Sesshomaru, who used the technique to pass through a barrier that protected a castle.

Inuyasha’s Signature Attack

Inuyasha's Signature Attack

It has proved a favorite amongst many Inuyasha fans. According to Tara Jayne, one of the reasons for this is how it symbolizes Inuyasha’s overall fighting style, which can best describe as “feisty.” 

Although he couldn’t land a finishing blow on Sesshomaru, for example, he managed to do some damage! The nickname also makes the attack sound very cool.

The anime might also be so popular because it has been used in all 167 episodes of the series—that’s going back over 15 years now!

Even though the anime technique isn’t Inuyasha’s favorite attack (that goes to his “Kaze no Kizu” wind scar), Christine Auten, the voice actress, thinks it, “really. 

Makes a powerful impression.” And, having starred in so many episodes of the series over such a long period, she is thrilled that this scene draws fans’ attention even today.

Another reason why fans adore the anime is its appearance. Inuyasha takes on his half-demonic form with demonic red eyes and claws for hands when he uses it!

Even though she can’t figure out why this particular scene has become popular amongst viewers, Hamako Natsuo is convinced that it’s because of its appearance. She thinks Inuyasha looks especially cool in his half-demonic form!

The final reason why people love the Iron Reaver is due to their favorite character using it. If they like a character enough, then they’ll enjoy watching them use their signature attack—even more than if it was just any other anime or manga character.

Shreds Opponents Apart Like Paper

Shreds Opponents Apart Like Paper

One thing that’s not a secret, though, is the reason why Inuyasha uses this attack so often. It’s simply because it’s one of his most powerful attacks! 

According to Christine Auten, the voice actress for Kagome Higurashi (Inuyasha’s love interest), “this attack is possibly more than just an ‘attack,’ but a combination of magic and spiritual power.”

 Furthermore, as one of Inuyasha’s signature attacks, this technique has appeared in many different scenes throughout the series and will continue to be loved by all Inuyasha fans for years to come!” 

He could shred an opponent apart with a single swipe of his claws. With these claws out and ready, he could swipe at his opponents with his ‘Iron Claws’ and shred them apart—as if they were made of paper!

How Inuyasha Used The Attack Against Enemies?

How Inuyasha Used The Attack Against Enemies

The anime contains many fight scenes where Inuyasha uses the Iron Reaver technique to defeat monsters or demons. 

The attack appears quite often in episodes 31-167 of Inuyasha. With these claws out and ready, he could swipe at his opponents with his ‘Iron Claws’ and shred them apart as if they were made of paper.

Inuyasha used the soul stealer technique to defeat his enemies. When it came to fighting powerful opponents, this attack was one of Inuyasha’s most reliable techniques!

Why This Is Inuyasha’s Most Powerful Technique?

Why This Is Inuyasha's Most Powerful Technique

It is named such because it requires that the user sacrifice their soul to perform the attack and steal the souls of those attacked by it; this may be why Inuyasha can perform this technique without dying.

Demons in Japanese folklore were believed to shift between human and inhuman forms to fool humans before suddenly attacking them when they least expected it.

It’s no wonder then that Inuyasha constantly shifted shapes since most creatures you fight are either animals or plants and so you won’t see him coming until it’s too late.

So anyway, because Inuyasha was half-demon, iron against demon flesh cut like butter. 

Inuyasha’s reason for using this technique may be as simple as frustration with being chased down by other characters (such as Sango) that don’t seem to have a substitute bout of kagome’s well water nearby. Or he might’ve used it just for fun. 

A-List Of Other Characters That Have Used This Technique

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Many anime and anime-inspired games feature characters using Inuyasha’s signature moves, including his Iron Reaver.  

For example:

“Tokyo Ghoul” is a horror anime (based on the manga of the same name) from 2014 and features Ken Kaneki as its main character. 

He shifts between half-human and half-ghoul, using Inuyasha’s technique to attack enemies by volleying it from his claws. 

Berserk is a dark anime series focusing on Guts as its main character; it was created in 1997 and has been receiving anime adaptations since 2008. Guts use a sword called Dragonslayer to attack enemies with Inuyasha’s Iron Reaver. 

“The Seven Deadly Sins” is another anime series that debuted in 2014 and focused on Meliodas as its main character (Meliodas is a demon who got his powers from eating the flesh of demons). He uses Inuyasha’s Iron Reaver Stealer in battle. 

“Akame ga Kill!” is a manga series created in 2014 and focused on Tatsumi’s main character – a young villager who heads off to the capital city, Night Raid, with his friends; they work for an assassin group called “Night Raid.” 

The anime adaption titled “Akame ga Kill” was produced in 2014 and focused on Tatsumi’s main character – a young villager who heads off to the capital city, Night Raid with his friends; they work for an assassin group called “Night Raid.” Like Inuyasha, he uses Inuyasha’s Iron Reaver Stealer in battle.

What Is The Most Favorite Anime Of All Time?

What Is The Most Favorite Anime Of All Time

Dragon Ball Z. That anime had strong, invincible characters. There was so much tension in each episode when they fight with powerful enemies.

Why Is Inuyasha So Popular?

Why Is Inuyasha So Popular

Its anime was filled with action, thrill, drama, and suspense. And most of all, it had very strong characters. They were so powerful that they survived the most dangerous situations.

Iron Reaver Soul Stealer – How To Discuss

Iron Reaver Soul Stealer - How To Discuss

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If you could provide some additional information (like what browser and operating system you’re using, for example), we might be able to help troubleshoot the issue a bit more. Please let us know if that helps.

Thank you again for reaching out, and we hope to have a solution soon!

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Inuyasha Iron Reaver Soul Stealer

Inuyasha Iron Reaver Soul Stealer

This is a very popular question on Quora, and for good reason! Inuyasha is a beloved anime series that has captured the hearts of many fans around the world. So, when someone asks this question, expect lots of passionate (and sometimes heated) discussion.

Inuyasha is a feudal manga-anime series set in Japan’s Sengoku period (1467-1573). It follows the adventures of young high school student Inuyasha, who is cursed by his father to become a half-demon and fight against evil. Along the way, he meets a group of friends – including Sango, Miroku, Kagome, and Kirara – and fights demons and monsters.

So, in short – Inuyasha is an action-packed manga-anime series with a loyal fan following. If you’re looking for something wacky and fun to watch, this may be right up your alley!

Yashahime Sees Inuyasha’s Daughter Use His Classic Techniques

Yashahime Sees Inuyasha's Daughter Use His Classic Techniques

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Give me your best Sol-Badguy-esque Special Move Names

Give me your best Sol-Badguy-esque Special Move Names

Here are a few of my favorite sol badguy-esque Special Move Names:

  1. “I am the law!” – This move allows you to unleash a powerful Law Beam that can deal significant damage to your enemies.
  2. “You will be my prey!” – This move allows you to charge forward and attempt to ensnare your enemies in a net that will slowly drain their health over time.
  3. “The power of the sun!” – This move allows you to summon forth a powerful solar beam that can fry your enemies with its intense heat.
  4. “Incoming!” – This move allows you to quickly dash forward and take out any enemies in your path with a flurry of punches and kicks.

The Ruler of All Chapter 4: Home, an inuyasha fanfic

The Ruler of All Chapter 4: Home, an inuyasha fanfic

Haha, great question! Inuyasha definitely has his hands full with all the things that come with being a feudal lord. From running his castle to dealing with pesky humans and demonic creatures, there’s never a dull moment for him. One of the biggest challenges that he faces on a regular basis is taking care of his home – or, more specifically, making sure that it’s in good condition.

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All in all, taking care of your home is a key part of being a successful feudal lord. Make sure to keep things clean and organized so that you can focus on more important things!


In anime and anime-inspired games, characters that wield weapons or attack using Inuyasha’s signature Iron Reaver Soul Stealer technique play an important role in the anime/game. 

This is because fans love watching and playing as these characters: You can’t get more fun than having a character like this.

So there are many anime and anime-inspired games that feature Inuyasha’s trademark. I hope you enjoyed learning about how useful Inuyasha’s signature move was!


1. What Episode Does Inuyasha Learn Wind Scar

Ans: The first technique that Inuyasha learns is the “Wind Scar.” The sword wielder must recognize the rift between them and their enemy’s auras clashing against one another. When the wielder sees the rift, they can slice through it, releasing an energy that can kill 100 yokai with one swing . Lastly, your opponent cannot avoid the attack if they are within range of the creator.

Belcando had it coming! When a man wants to usurp you as king but does nothing about it until he can no longer make your life miserable, his likely fate is death by fire from some hot-blooded demon prince with vengeance on his mind who also was so good that he killed imuyasha and his whole family just because he stole foodfrom him when he was poor.

2. Why Can Tsesshomaru Wield Tessaiga?

Ans: Tsesshomaru possesses his father’s Tessaiga because it is a part of his soul. The tsuba (guardian box) that contains the blade may have been crafted by his father or another master swordsmith, but it is not certain. The Tessaiga grants its wielder unlimited uses of the deadly technique known as “sword slashes”.

Tsesshomaru’s ability to wield Tessaiga is due to his lineage as the son of the moon goddess Inuyasha and the wind god Sesshomaru. Tessaiga is a sacred sword that was once used by Inuyasha himself. When he draws it, a part of his soul connects to the sword, allowing him to use its power.

3. Iron Reaver Soul Stealer Meaning?

Ans: There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the meaning of iron reaver soul stealer will vary depending on your personal beliefs and cultural associations. That being said, here are some general ideas that may be of interest:

  1. In many cultures, iron reavers are seen as fierce warriors who are skilled in battle. They are also often associated with death and destruction, which may give the soul stealer a sense of purpose or even pleasure.
  2. Some believe that the soul stealer is a representation of darker aspects of human nature – greed, violence, and cruelty. As such, it may be seen as a symbol of evil or danger.
  3. Alternatively, some people see the soul stealer as a force that can help you achieve spiritual growth or enlightenment. It can be seen as a guide or teacher in difficult times.

4. Who Would Win In A Fight Inuyasha Or Cloud Strife?

Ans: Inuyasha would definitely win in a fight against Cloud Strife. Cloud Strife is a mercenary who has been through many battles, but he’s never faced an opponent like Inuyasha.

Inuyasha is a half-demon who is incredibly strong and fast, while Cloud Strife is mostly unarmored and doesn’t have the same skills in close quarters combat. Plus, Inuyasha has the advantage of being able to use his Sacred sword Shikon no Tama to fight on even ground.

Inuyasha would definitely win in a fight against Cloud Strife. Cloud is a mercenary, while Inuyasha is a half demon slayer who is known for his incredible fighting skills. Cloud is also greatly outmatched in terms of power and speed, which makes Inuyasha the clear victor in this matchup.

5. Who Would Win In A Fight Alone, Sora or Cloud?

Ans: This is a difficult question to answer, as it depends on the particular scenario and the characters involved. Ultimately, it would probably depend on the particular fight and its particulars. However, Sora generally has a slight advantage in terms of magic power, so if the fight took place in an area with lots of magic, he might be able to hold his own.

Cloud, on the other hand, is more familiar with physical combat and is also stronger than Sora. If the fight took place in a place where physical strength was more important than magic, Cloud would likely win.

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