Why 3 Months No Contact With Ex-Girlfriend? Explained

Did you break up regardless? You were in a relationship for a long time, but after a sudden breakup, you are now single. But after a while, you see that your ex is holding someone else’s hand. Did she move on so easily?

Do you feel that you have lost? You feel as if you lost because you couldn’t get into a new relationship. You still can’t get over the break-up pain, or you don’t want to re-engage with the relationship.

You’ve severed ties with your ex, but you don’t know what to do next. In this case, you can move on with your life or get your ex back. The pain of breaking your heart is unbearable, and you do not know how to recover from it. So, Why 3 Months No Contact With Ex-Girlfriend? Is it possible to get rid of breakup pain?

Why 3 Months No Contact With Ex-Girlfriend

The answer is you can reduce the pain and get rid of the pain if you do “no contact”.

No contact” is not a new word for forgetting the pain of the breakup. It has been followed for ages by those who wanted to forget the pain of the breakup. Well, 3 months no contact with an ex-girlfriend.

Why 3 Months No Contact With Ex-Girlfriend?

With this article, you will know what is no contact and what its rules and benefits are and how to get rid of break-up trouble without any communication.

What Is No Contact?

What Is No Contact

No Contact is not to have any contact with the ex. It does not have any contact with the ex until its expiration date. Do not have any contact with your ex until you are relieved of your breakup trouble.

It is very important to maintain self-control or discipline when you follow no contact. Because if you don’t maintain discipline, you can’t easily forget your pain. Here are some things you should stop doing:

  • Do not call or respond to your ex’s calls.
  • Do not send any kind of message to your ex.

After all,

  • Don’t stalk your ex on social media or social sites.
  • Block your ex from your friend list on your social media as soon as possible. This will prevent your ex from communicating with you. Even you will be prevented from communicating with her.
  • Avoid going to places where your ex is likely to meet.
  • Refrain from denying your past or ex.
  • Stop communicating with all the friends who can get the information of your ex as it will give you more trouble and will not let your ex forget.

How Long Does No Contact Last?

Why Is No Contact Effective

Normally the minimum duration of no contact is two weeks. However, the preferred minimum period is one month. I would recommend that no contact be made for up to three months. However, how long you should practise no contact depends on different factors.

  • Have you started healing from your pain?
  • Do you still think and cry about your ex, or do you live in a fantasy world?
  • Are your emotions still wreaking havoc on your life?
  • Do you think that you cannot live without your ex?
  • Do you find your life depressing and annoying?
  • Are you addicted to alcohol to forget your ex?
  • Do you want to get your ex back now and start all over again with your ex?

In that case, I would recommend that you follow the No Contact Rules for three months or six months. Especially if your relationship with your ex has been around for more than a year. Because it will take time to get rid of your pain, so there is no need to rush. Instead, give yourself time.

Are The No Contact Rules Effective?

It Will Give You Time To Reflect

No contact rules are very effective for recovery from a breakup. It can also be effective in getting your ex back. Many lovers have reported that they met her ex without any communication. Ex comes back, which means it is not effective in many cases.

Many think that no contact can get his ex back. If the relationship was healthy and stable before the breakup, and if the cause of the breakup is trivial, the ex is more likely to return. However, if the relationship were bitter and the cause of the breakup were painful, the relationship is unlikely to recover. But many times the relationship is reunited due to luck.

The reasons why the relationship is likely to be reunited after following the No Contact Rules are:

  • How healthy and stable was the relationship and the length of the relationship?
  • Whether or not your ex is trying to communicate with you.
  • Reasons for separation.
  • Whether your ex is moving on or going into a relationship with someone else.
  • How the relationship ended if the relationship provides a good one, then there is a possibility of a reunion, and if both have bitterness, then it is possible to move on easily.
  • It depends on your ex’s decision whether she will come back to you or not.

3 Months No Contact With Ex-Girlfriend – Benefits of No Contact:

How To Recover From A Breakup

It Will Heal You From Pain

How Long Does No Contact Last

According to researchers, no contact is very effective and beneficial for healing from a breakup or divorce.

Negative emotions are created after the breakup, which becomes dangerous for us. You have to face the negative emotions through no contact and get rid of them through Deal. Never be angry with your ex or yourself because you will indulge in negative emotions.

When you are in regular contact with your ex, try to suppress the emotions that you felt. When you suppress the pain and do not seek treatment for it, it will become more painful for you. It will complicate your relationship whether it is a reunion or a new relationship.

It will even exacerbate the deteriorating situation in the relationship, which is bad for you. Anything about a new relationship can trigger your emotions if you don’t take the time to heal from the pain.

How fast healing occurs depends on a variety of factors:

  • The length of the relationship.
  • How much you invested in the relationship.
  • How was the relationship? Did your ex take care of you during such a relationship, or was it offensive?
  • Was there a good note at the end of the break-up or was it dramatic?
  • Even how much support your family and friends had and more.

When you take note of these issues, it will shorten the length of healing from breakup pain. Because these are the steps needed to heal and recover from a very effective breakup.

It Will Give You Time To Reflect

Get Back Control And Power Over Your Life

When you do not have any contact with your ex, it will not distract your mind by focusing on your ex. When you completely ignore your ex, you will be free to analyze the relationship, both negatively and positively. You will be able to decide whether you should move on or get your ex.

Reflection works as a third person in a relationship to analyze a failed relationship. It analyzes a relationship that helps you make decisions. But remember that you should never indulge in negative emotions.

Get Back Control And Power Over Your Life

Forgive And Forget

Your life may seem out of control after a breakup. Especially if you are dumped by your ex or your ex is abusive. As a result, the negative emotions can be overwhelmed as much as you feel. And it will be difficult to free yourself from it.

A breakup has the potential to break you down completely, especially if you have invested too much in the relationship. And if you feel all the time that you can never get rid of it.

At this point, your life may be worthless to you, and you will want to give up. You may even want to end your life to get rid of your pain.

You will regain competence and dignity when you regain control of your life. You can even manage your current and future life without any interference.

At this time you should free yourself from all kinds of strong and negative emotions. So you can throw away or burn all the pictures and other memories of your ex. And leave the memories of the moment spent with your ex without capturing them in your mind.

Many people think that no contact is a means to get revenge on the ex, but this is wrong. The purpose of no contact is not to indulge in negative emotions and to submerge them in water.

Why Is No Contact Effective?

Embrace Harmful Emotions

After a breakup, when you are in regular contact with your ex, you will not get rid of your negative emotions, but your suffering will be doubled. But when you follow no contact, you can express negative emotions without affecting your physical and mental life.

  • Getting rid of emotions will help you to relax. Although it will be difficult for you, you can do it when you are determined and in control of yourself. It will give you peace of mind and heart.
  • When a person invests too much in a relationship, he or she becomes desperate or needy after a break-up. But it will keep you from being desperate. And your ex won’t be able to take advantage of you or manipulate you. But if you want to get her back, refrain from bothering her in any way.
  • By doing this, you will be able to focus on your present and future life. You can’t concentrate on your life when you are always preoccupied with your ex and thoughts of the past. Don’t forget you have a life, and you should think about your future. Think about your goals and objectives and try to accomplish them. And stop imagining your ex because it will ruin your life.
  • After a break-up, many people’s emotions become dull or crippled, which affects them physically. But when you follow No Contact, it will help you re-energize. It will awaken your body’s energy when you maintain distance and help you forget your ex.
  • You can resume hobbies that you neglected while you were in a relationship with your ex. It will help you heal from pain. It even frees you from negative emotions and creates positive emotions.
  • This will help you to increase your self-esteem when you control yourself through no contact. You will at one time feel that you are fine without any contact with your ex.
  • As long as you don’t erase your ex’s memory, you’re letting her control your mind. As long as your mind is under their control, you can’t forget her and move on in life.
  • When you can be healed from pain, it will prove to you that you can be happy in life without your ex. You don’t need a person to be happy in life because it comes from life.
  • Above all, you will understand that life does not stop for anyone. And you don’t have to lower your value just to get one because you have enough self-esteem.

How To Recover From A Breakup

3 Months No Contact With Ex Girlfriend – Benefits of No Contact

When you apply no contact with your ex, you can be fifteen days from the breakup by following the tips below.

Acknowledge The Reality

Block Your Ex From Social Sites

You may think that it is not separation. It’s just this little misunderstanding, and after a while, you’ll be together. The relationship will be healthy and stable again without any hassle. So how do you make sure it’s not a separation?

The reasons for the breakup may seem trivial to you but maybe a big reason for your ex. So really, if you feel pain from the breakup, then you shouldn’t be pretending.

Because a few days or weeks after the breakup, you will face the reality of the breakup. And it may take you a long time to recover from this pain.

Embrace Harmful Emotions

Are The No Contact Rules EffectiveThe emotions of the injured heart should never be hidden because it is the conscious expression of our injured hearts. So you have to deal with your emotions, so refrain from suppressing or escaping from them. These will trigger you in the future when you push your emotions into the subconscious mind.

Especially when you start a new life or are with a new partner. As a result, they can either ruin your life or cause a breakup. So give yourself a chance to feel the hurt emotions, then you can be healed from it.

Block Your Ex From Social Sites

Acknowledge The Reality

Don’t forget to block your ex from social sites. It will give you more trouble when you see her updates. So block her as soon as possible.

Stop Blaming

Stop Blaming

The reason for your breakup maybe you or your ex, but stop blaming each other. Because you don’t feel good when you blame yourself or your ex.

Even if you are the cause of the breakup, admit your mistake. Above all, commit yourself to change your behaviour and attitudes and start all over again.

Forgive And Forget

If His Ex Creates Dumpers Life Guideline

Whatever the reason for the breakup, we can never forgive the ex. It may be that you were not the cause of the breakup but rather that you invested more during the relationship.

But you can prove yourself great when you forgive your ex. Forgiving the ex does not mean that she has hurt you and you agree with her. Even this does not mean that you will give her another chance to hurt you.

Rather, it is to your benefit that it will remove the negative emotions from you.

You will forget everything when you can forgive your ex. Remember that you can’t recover from a breakup pain unless you forgive your ex. I hope now you understand the fact Why 3 Months No Contact With Ex-Girlfriend.

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