My Ex Slept With Someone Else While We Were Broken Up (Situation)

Breakups are not a good experience for anyone, but rather a bad one. However, it may be that your break-up is going well, but you find out that your ex is sleeping with someone. Or it could be that they have simply moved on, which still hurts you.

If you had a breakup, you suddenly heard that your ex was sleeping with someone else. Besides, he has moved on very easily, but it is bothering you. If this happens near your home, keep your mind open and don’t lose all hope.

From my personal experience, it hurts me when I find out my ex is sleeping with someone else. It’s not easy to get along with your ex, especially if you haven’t forgotten him.

Even if you still can’t recover from the emotions and can’t forget your ex, it will be painful for you to have your ex with someone else. Let’s get to your situation “My Ex Slept With Someone Else While We Were Broken Up”

Should You Take Your Ex Back If He Was With Someone Else While We Were Broken Up?

How to Understand What She Wants

After your break-up you found out that your ex was with someone else, so should you take her back? It depends on the following factors:

Did your ex have contact with another boy before or after the breakup?

The key to relationship trusts. If your girlfriend is in a relationship with someone else while you are in a relationship, she has cheated on you. A deceiver can never be trusted.

But your girlfriend becomes a woman of good character, admits after making such a horrible mistake and apologizes to you. But she should be forgiven, and you can take her back.

If you feel that he is forgiving, and you can forgive him from the heart, then you can start your relationship again. You can even re-trust her.

But why would you want to get back to a woman who cheated on you? She may even deceive you again.

If she is a woman of bad character, then she will decide to come back to you again to take advantage of you. And she will promise you that she will never deceive you again, but she will love you more. But eventually, it will be seen that she will cheat on you again.

And it will become painful instead of fun.

However, a breakup means you have no rights over it. So if your ex wants to get involved with someone else, it’s okay.

After the break-up, each person can go according to his or her choice because they are independent as individuals.

So there is no set rule that a woman cannot have a relationship with someone else after a break-up.

Yes, you will indeed feel bad that your ex is sleeping with someone else, especially when you are still single. But it is also true that you have no rights over her, and she is independent.

On the other hand, you are also completely independent, so you can have a relationship with any woman if you wish, without her permission.

You are wrong if you compare real life with imaginary life. Real-life is not like any romantic novel or movie in which your ex will wait for you for months or even years.

So if a woman goes on a date, has sex, relationship with someone else after separating from her boyfriend or husband, then she has the right.

So after the break-up, if she gets involved in a new relationship, it is not cheating on you, it is completely normal.

In that case, if you want to re-engage with her, you should completely forget about the third person and make your relationship much better than before.

How To Understand What She Wants

How To Attract Her To You

When a woman is involved in a relationship with another person (cheating on her present or after a break-up) the reason is that she is not satisfied with her partner.

Women prefer exciting and adventurous partners. They want their partner to give them time, take them for a walk and even give them some surprises. But when their partner is annoying and dull, they lose interest.

Again, it may be that the woman’s ex would have given more priority to others, not even paying any attention to her. The new partner is very attentive and caring towards her.

The main reason a woman leaves her ex and gets involved in a new relationship is that she wants to fill the feelings that cannot be filled with her ex.

This does not mean that he is more perfect than you and that there is something wrong with you.

Always remember that no man is perfect, so you will be better than him.

But if you still want to get your ex back, never waste time thinking about that person.

So you should pay attention to the gaps and correct the mistakes that caused your breakup.

How To Attract Her To You?

  • Have You Been Able To Forgive HerIf you treat him or her badly, don’t do it anymore but refrain from controlling him or her.
  • Stop worrying about her being insecure or losing her and give confident and strong emotions in the relationship.
  • Love and appreciate without being taken for granted.
  • Enjoy as a couple instead of arguing and disagreeing with her.
  • Be gentle and kind instead of aggressive.

When you do that, she will respect you and be attracted to you. She kept thinking, “Why did she leave such a person? And she will want to come back to you.

Have You Been Able To Forgive Her?

Should You Take Your Ex Back If He Was With Someone Else While We Were Broken Up

Even after a breakup, if you want to get your ex back, you have to forgive her first and forget everything.

If you are starting the relationship again, but you are suspicious of her, then your relationship will not work.

So if your ex wants to come back to you, forgive her and trust her. And believe that you are her man, and she is back to you because she loves you.

Now you may think that she was with another man.

So be sure to ask yourself if you can forgive her and trust her completely.


I hope the above discussion helps you with the matter “My Ex Slept With Someone Else While We Were Broken Up”. If you want to get her back and make your relationship work, you have to stop doubting her, instead, you have to trust her completely.

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