Mexican and Italian – Common and Differences

You may have dreamt of going to the European side or Latin side of the world, especially when it comes to Mexico or Italy. 

However, it may grow curiosity about Italy and Mexico, inspiring to know about Mexican and Italian- common and differences.

I always loved Italian and Mexican food most; that’s why I researched all about the cultures, foods, languages, and origins. Anyway, the article will show you some common things and different items between Mexican & Italian things.

However, let’s not waste our time, and start knowing your queries; you will find all the things about Mexican & Italian.

What Things Are Common Between Mexican and Italian?

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You can find it interesting to get things in common between Mexico and Italian; let’s see what things are common:






Mexico is a Latin country situated or located in the American subcontinent; it has nearly a relationship with the Middle East, Europe, and Latin America. 

Therefore, some have a confusing or mixed history; on the other hand, Italy has a small national region.

Italy and Mexico were under the same colonial rule for many years, making things in common. The long American rule there sometimes makes people think that both of the countries have a Latin origin.

Moreover, Italy had a great and developed civilization from an ancient time; that’s why some experts refer to the Mexican people as Italians while talking about their origin. 

 Country Flags

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Much to your surprise, both country flags have the same three-color, and they are orangish-red, white, and green. 

But one day, both countries use the same flag when it’s the 8th of November on the calendar because the one common flag goes hand in hand, and that shows their unity.’

When South Mexico and Southern Italy used to be part of the same country, they shared the same flag, but it got separated when the countries became two individuals. They share the same flag on the occasion of Joomla.

 Architecture of Buildings

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If you have ever visited both countries or seen their heritages and monuments on TV or the internet, you will find many similarities in their taste of architecture.

 The reason behind it is pretty simple: the previous similar origin and the locations on the Earth. 

If you ever roam around in some North or South Mexico areas, you will feel like traveling around South Italy sometimes. Anyway, the architecture of both countries’ ancient buildings will witness their long civilized cultures.


How to Transform Your Culture To Stay Ahead

As both of them are two separate countries; so, these countries have many differences in cultural things, but the same origin makes them similar on some grounds of cultural aspects.

 For instance, in both countries people are fun-loving and spend their leisure through partying; moreover, people in the two countries are very friendly.

You will find similarities in their singing, dancing, and drama styles because their cultural tastes are more alike. 

Though the English pop culture and Hollywood is affecting the worldwide culture, the folk things of Italy and Mexico are quite similar that you may get confused sometimes.


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If you’re not even a citizen of Italy or Mexico, you can taste their foods in the nearest restaurants around you because both continental dishes are famous worldwide.

 However, if you check their main meal items, you will find the priority of meat everywhere, and that came from the Middle East.

Their cereals or carbohydrate-based foods are usually pizza and pasta with a load of cheese and many other seasonings. Moreover, you will find similarities in the usage of spices, too, especially when it comes to peppers.

Plant-based foods like capsicum, jalapeno, and others are sometimes common in Italian and Mexican cuisines; you can enjoy them sitting in any corner of the world.


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The languages in both countries are different, but if you hear their accent while talking, you will find some similarities in their way of talking.

 However, you may find people talking Spanish in both countries because they once used to be in the Spanish colony. 

Anyway, you can find language diversity in both countries because people from all over the world have gone and settled down there. You will find a different version of the language if you ever come across an Italo-Mexican.

 Games and Sports

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Some games or athletic practices have become international, and those are being played everywhere, but one sport among them has become the most enthusiastic one. 

People of both countries from all walks enjoy that, and the favorite sport there is soccer or football.

Both of the country’s national football teams have encountered for some time in FIFA World Cup, which is held once in 4 years. Moreover, they play domestic and other international tournaments, and people of both countries support their teams with great hopes.

However, you will find many things in common between the Italian and Mexican cultures in the countries of the Indian subcontinent or the South Asian nations.

What Things Are Different Between Italian and Mexican: Make a List

What are the most remarkable differences between Italy and Mexico? - Quora

As mentioned before, Mexico and Italy are two different countries located in different areas that have some differences because they are individuals. 

Let’s see the differences between Italian and Mexican.

Difference #1

If you want to differentiate the two countries, you should know that Italy is a part of huge Europe; the currency running there is Euro. Moreover, you can travel anywhere in Europe if you have an Italian passport.

On the other hand, Mexico is a Latin American country and much larger than Italy. 

Difference #2

If you see the economical comparison between Italy and Mexico, you have to keep the first one ahead because it’s much more developed and financially solvent than Mexico.

The per capita income, Gross Domestic Production, and other economical things are better than Mexico; it may be because Italians are productive and entrepreneurs mostly, but the profession of Mexicans are monotonous.

Difference #3

The flags of both countries have the same color, and the orders of major ones are the same, but the difference is the Italian has three equal portions of color. 

On the other hand, the white portion of the Mexican flag is the widest; moreover, the white portion has a round symbol in it.

However, that’s the primary and only difference between the Italian and Mexican flags; however, you can identify at one glance.

The population density and percentage of women may be nearly the same, but the unemployment problem is bigger in Italy (12%); on the other hand, Mexico has fewer unemployed people than Italy (4.4%). 

Difference #4

The food of both countries is slightly different because Mexican people use mostly vegetable oil; whereas, Italians use mostly olive oil. Mexican foods have more spices than Italians, and Mexican foods are richer.

Difference #5

You will see that the Italians use lean meat, especially chicken, in most cuisines; on the other hand, Mexicans use red meat in most dishes. However, you can see some small differences in the dishes of the two countries.

There is a difference between their languages because American English and traditional Mexican are usually preferable in Mexico, but some people from mixed ethnicity speak Spanish too.

On the other hand, it’s either Italian or Spanish is orally used in Italy. Still, literate people can use English when needed through their accent is different from the original version.

Some national cultures, days of celebrations, and festivities differ in both countries because they are individuals; moreover, they belong to two different continents.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to get something different from both nations, especially some foreign prime ministers usually get confused between the flags, and people often get confused among the cuisines.

Frequently Asked Questions

•    Is Pasta Mexican or Italian?

Well, the recipes are famous in both countries in different styles. Still, if you check their origin, you will find that the invention is basically from Italy, and it’s an original Italian dish.

•    Are Italy and Mexico Allies?

Both of the nations are working together in G-20, an economic development organization, and the United Nations. They keep an excellent diplomatic relationship among themselves. 

•    Are you, Mexican Latino?

According to the OBM, people from Mexico, Central America, Puerto Rico, and Cuba are Latino; therefore, yes, Mexicans are Latino.


Anyway, there will be both similarities and differences between two countries no matter which countries you compare; Italian and Mexican are no different. 

I hope you will not be confused between Mexican and Italian because the article showed which things are every day and which are not.

No matter how a country, its position, or its culture is, everyone should respect it, and each nation should have some individuality, of course.

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