Describe Love In One Word – What Is The Definition Of Love?

Can you describe love in one word? Human being has been struggling since past to find out the true meaning of love. But till now none can find the exact meaning of love. So, people use metaphoric synonyms for expressing their love for something.

Love is a complete mixture of enormous humane qualities. It can not be seen, none can touch it. Just one has to feel the glaciers of love.

From age to age, many people sacrificed their lives for their beloved ones. Some people fall in love with their motherlands, where some fall with their life partners. Again, you can see some people sacrificing their lives for their religion.

In general, there is no specific reason or criteria to fall in love with something. Similarly, there is no specific thing for which one will fall in love.

Are you interested in loving something? But don’t know what is it the true meaning of love? This happens to most people who are teenagers or in their adolescent period. They just judge the outer beauty of a person and fall in love with him or her.

Describe Love In One Word

And they think that they are in love with that person. But this is a foolish thought. The physical beauty of a person is not permanent. It will lose with time. But the inner beauty of a person will remain forever till the person is alive.

The inner beauty of a person is permanent. If you are a passionate lover or interested to know about love, then this article is for you.

Define Or Describe Love In One Word

AffectionLove is a metaphor. You can never find or define it perfectly. You can feel it like you feel the air around you. Many poets, writers, journalists, authors tried to define love in specific words. But they failed to find the real meaning of love. The summary of their thoughts is love is a psychological attraction between two people or other things.

It doesn’t depend on the outlook of the particular thing one loves. They just try to owe that. When someone is in love, then that thing becomes a world to him/her. In one word, love can be defined as:


ResponsibilityResponsibility towards something reflects how much one loves something. If you are responsible for your mother then that means you love her. Again, if you are responsible for your country, you will die for your country. That will not bear you any regret. Philosophers say that “love comes with responsibility, responsibility comes with love”.


CareWhen you care for someone, then it reflects that you have a love for him/her. A person cares for his/her children because he/she loves them. Caring for someone is a form of loving someone. These two are interrelated with each other.


HonestyHonest persons are lovable to everyone. This is a crucial factor in love. The honesty of a person adores his/her character. It shapes the strength of love between two persons.


Criteria To Fall In LoveOnce you love someone, then you are affectionate for him/her. All the humane quantities are capable of expressing love for something. Affectionate peoples are more capable of loving someone. It expresses your love for someone. This is a kind of media to show your love and attraction for him/her.


DedicationHistory can show you a lot of examples where one sacrificed their lives, desires for their loving ones. The martyrs are perfect examples in this case. In 1971, the freedom fighters have sacrificed their lives to liberate their mother nation Bangladesh.

Again, persons like Hazrat Hamza (Ra) sacrificed their lives for their religion. Sometimes, fathers lead a miserable life to make a bright future for their children. This shows you how you love your favorite things.


CommitmentCommitment means how you can feel connected and engaged with someone. This commitment allows you to come closer to your beloved ones, you can feel their morals inside you. At last, it builds your world with happiness.


MarriageTo me, marriage is the most beautiful and perfect way to express your love for anyone. This is regarded as the purest way to express your love. By nature, a person is attracted to his/her opposite gender. He or she will try to find their life partner. This is the beauty of love.

Love shows you how you can sacrifice something for your loving one, how you feel when you are disconnected from your loving one. And by marrying someone, you can achieve caring, affection, responsibility, etc. from your spouse.

You have to take responsibility for the family, children, spouse, and others. In a word, marriage is the most complete package of love.

Criteria To Fall In Love

Lover vs Girlfriend – Explore With DetailsSometimes we fall in love with a person without knowing them. In most cases, this type of attraction is not real love. Because they don’t know each other perfectly. Just a little chitchat doesn’t reflect the personality of the person. It is a time-consuming process where you will need long-term understanding. There are some criteria to fall in love with another person. These are:

  1. You have to be honest about this relationship. In today’s era, people just pass their time with their partners. Where they should stand beside their partners in their hard times. And this destroys the emotion of a person. So, be honest with your man.
  2. The capability of taking responsibility is one of the most important factors in this regard. Because when you own someone after loving, responsibility of that will be handed over upon you. For this reason, try to be a responsible person before loving anyone.
  3. Be loyal to your partner because loyalty is the basis of love. Love comes from loyalty and honestly. Affection, caring ability also will allow you to love someone.

These are the foremost criteria to fall in love. This is an aesthetic connection between two people. So, be a good person to owe your love.


In conclusion, I will suggest you find out the real meaning of love by observing your life. Love is a humane quality built inside every soul. Animals also sense the taste of love. Truth is, love is a gift from the Creator.

Don’t spoil this for any irrelevant reason. Make your love more holiest. I hope now you get an idea about describe love in one word. Thank you for reading this article.

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