Why Women Don’t Love Men? [Women’s Psychology & Emotion]

Today we are with a much-known problem. Often we find that people talk with each other about why women don’t love men. We realized that most of us had faced the issue, but somehow we still don’t know the exact solution.

So now, in the very beginning, we will talk about the probable reason why this issue happens and later on, we will try to give our readers few solutions.

Lastly, we will answer some very common questions, which we usually get asked by our readers. So enough with this section, here we start with the reasons for this problem-

Why Women Don’t Love Men – Reason for This Problem

Women Dont Love Men – Reason for This Problem


  1. We don’t Understand the Heart of Women– If we are not wrong, then the fact is that we men usually don’t understand what a woman’s hearts want. We always think they might want a lot of money, a lot of gifts and so on. But the thing is, women are totally from what we think. It’s a wrong idea, and if you think, you can change a women’s mind by giving her lots of gifts and so on.
  2. Sometimes we Want to Force them to do Something– It will be a very big mistake if you want to force women to do something. Trust us. It will work as a very wrong step. Say, for example, you are planning to go somewhere you suddenly realized that your partner is not interested, then it’s better not to force her.
  3. Not Giving Enough Time– In the previous part, we said that men think women will be happy if they get money and expensive gifts. That’s why men often work hard to become unable to give their wife/girlfriend enough time. But the thing is that money is not something which will change everything. It’s your time, your affection, that will work in favor of you and your love life.
  4. Extra Interest for a Physical Relationship: If you do research, you will release that most men want to go to bed after passing few times with a girl. But that’s not something through which you can win a girl’s heart. Yes, today or tomorrow physical thing will happen, but why are you in a rush? Take your time and wait for the response from her end.
  5. Trying to be Over Smart: Yes, it’s important to be smart enough. But you know when the problem occurs? It occurs when you try to become damn over smart, and thus you ruin everything. Whenever you go and meet a girl, don’t try to show that you can do everything. You are not a superhuman, so that you can fight against 20 guys alone. Be realistic.

So, readers, these are reasons which work as a negative thing for you. If you can avoid these, then hopefully, a thing will start working for you.

How To Make Women Love You?

How to Make Women Love You

It’s not a tough task, but yes, you have to try from the heart and soul. So let’s try to find out how you can do that-

  1. Don’t be dominating- Please don’t try to dominate your girl. She won’t be responding positively. Because at the end of the day, she is a human being, and no one wants to be treated as a child. Say, for example, you won’t like that, when someone else will decide where you want to go and where you won’t. So just like that, your female partner won’t be comfortable enough when you will do that. So don’t do that.
  2. Be loyal and honest:If anything in the world is tough to find, that’s honesty. Every single guy in this world is honest. So girls always try to find someone who will be honest and obviously will stay loyal. If you can show how honest you are, then no matter whether she will choose you and love you.
  3. Love her nearest persons– If you want to get love in return from them, it’s important for you to love her very nearest ones. This entire thing will melt her for you. Think from your side. If you see someone caring about your friends and everyone you love, won’t you feel love for that person? You will. So don’t wait and do something for those people whom your girl loves the most.
  4. Make sure you are passing quality time with her- Listen, brother, if you plan to meet hardly with her, you are on the very wrong track. It would be best if you showed her how much serious you are. If you want to do that, then passing quality time is the only way. If you are interested in someone, then don’t hesitate to ask her for a beautiful date and many more.
  5. Make every day memorable- Making a day memorable doesn’t mean that you will have to do something which will cost money. Say, for example. You can do something which will look completely crazy. You can also remain realistic but romantic. So you can do anything, as long as she is enjoying it.

Making a girl love you depends on how much serious you are. So if you are someone who loves someone then surely you will get what you wanted.

Frequently Asked Question

Can a woman truly love a man?

If the men love a woman, then surely she will love him back. Yes, there are always some exceptions. But you can consider them as an example. We found a lot of couples who love each other damn truly. Misunderstanding will happen. But that doesn’t mean that you will say she doesn’t love you truly.

Who loves harder males or females?

You cant measure love on a scale Sometimes, we see that the woman loves too much and sometimes, we see that the man loves like never before. It depends on the circumstances.

Why are women attracted to men who don’t care?

It doesn’t apply to all women because most women want the one responsible and caring. But some women like people who carry a damn care attitude and seem like a crazy one. Maybe that happens because of the difference in taste.

What does every woman want in a man?

Loyalty is what a woman always finds in men. So that’s the number one. Apart from that, if a woman always finds someone with a very strong personality and cares about her. Most importantly, always try to be as humble as possible.

Do men like to be chased?

Though we can’t assure you about our answer, we found many guys who love it when they realize that women are chasing them. It’s a feeling which makes them proud of themselves. Once they realize that, they enjoy the moment. Because it’s very rare to find when you see a woman is chasing a man.

What are reactions of falling in love?

The first thing they do when they fall in love is always thinking about that girl. They try to impress the girl as much as possible. Another thing is that, once boys feel they are in love, they start learning about romantic things. They try to knock the experienced.


If you feel that your women love you, we guess this entire article will help you. Hoping something really good for you. It would be a great matter for us, if we find that, our readers benefit from our “Why Women Don’t Love Men?”  article.

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