I Think My Cousin Likes Me – With Some Signs

Love is something that never comes to mind but happens all of a sudden. It is difficult to say who likes whom and when. But that’s why I like my casinos a little awkward. In some countries and religions, liking a cousin is taboo.

But at one age, these things happen too much. However, this does not mean that it is bad to like your cousin. This is a common thing. Who what should I do when I think my cousin likes me?

I Think My Cousin Likes Me

Does your cousin like you? Or have you just overthinking? And what should you do if you think your cousin likes you? Will you give him a chance or avoid the matter.

Don’t hesitate to read the whole article; we will try to solve some of your problems.

Signs That Your Cousin Likes You

Signs That Your Cousin Likes You

He Will Come To Your Home Frequently

He Will Help You In All Matters

If your cousin’s house is near your house, he will come and go very often. He will come to your house as soon as he gets a chance so that he can spend time with you. He will also ask you to go to his house and talk to everyone.

He Will Helps You In All Matters

Divert Your Mind to Someone Else

He will try to help you in any matter to prove himself in front of you and try to be very caring to you.

He Will Sends You Gifts On Special Days

Dont Get Emotional Yourself

He will send you gifts for birthdays or any domestic occasion. Sometimes he will send you a gift without any occasion. If he does this with all your sister or female cousin, then it is quite normal. But if he did this just with you, that means he likes you. Sometimes people send gifts even if they have a good relationship with their cousins.

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Body Language

Body Language

The human eye never lies. You can tell if he likes you or not just by noticing his behavior. He can’t look you in the eye and talk for long. He will be a little shy in front of you. She would be embarrassed if other siblings made fun of you and her.

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Can There Be A Relationship Between Cousins?

Can There Be A Relationship Between Cousins

The answer is both yes and no. It depends on where are you live, your religion and most importantly, your family tradition. In many families, cousins ​​are growing up together, playing together and share their though with each other. In this way, a good understanding is created between them while staying together for many days. This is how love begins once. Maybe it’s from both sides or one side.

Things to consider before getting a relationship with a cousin.

There are some things to keep in mind before going into a relationship with your cousin. Because getting a relationship with a cousin is not just an easy thing. There are many families, and other matters involve with it.


AgeAge is an important issue. Younger children do a lot of emotional things. Also, check your age with your cousin. He may be younger than you. If you are under 18, skip the thought of having a relationship with your cousin.

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Take It Is Easy

Want To Reboot The Life

Try to convince yourself that these feelings may not be love. Try to think of someone else. Hormonal changes often lead to temporary love for someone. Boys cannot control their hormonal changes like girls, so their affection towards girls grows in this changing hormonal period.

Don’t Get Emotional Yourself

4 Hypergamy

Don’t get emotional thinking your cousin loves you. Because if anyone in the family finds out about it, there will be trouble. The family matter is not an easy thing as you think.

Divert Your Mind to Someone Else

What To Do If Your Cousin Likes You

Try to drive your mindset before you start a relationship with your cousin.

What To Do If Your Cousin Likes You

He Will Send You Gifts On Special Days

You don’t let him understand that you understand he likes you. . It would help if you were as normal with him as before. There is no need to avoid him because he may get hurt. Again, there is no need to pay much attention.

You will talk very little about the relationship with him to understand that you have no interest. By doing so, he will come out of such thoughts one day. That’s how you can maintain a smooth friendship with him.

If he still wants to make a relationship with you, talk to an elder person in your family and tell him to understand your cousin who wants to have a relationship with you.


Yes, it’s both normal and awkward simultaneously to have a relationship between cousins. If it is prevalent in your society and your family accepts it, then there is no problem. You can have a relationship with your cousin.

But if you live in a society where relationships between cousins are not accepted, it is best not to do so. I hope now you know how to handle when feel “I Think My Cousin Likes Me”.

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