Why A Guy Rejected By Every Girl?

Maybe you are a guy who followed so many tips and tricks just to get a girlfriend in your life. But somehow, the tips and tricks you followed in the past to impress a girl failed miserably and you are tired of getting rejected again and again by girls.

There is nothing wrong with facing rejection again and again. Everyone in this world goes through the phase of being rejected at least once in his life. But you can surely take lessons from those rejections and improve yourself in a great way.

Why A Guy Rejected By Every Girl

So, why a guy rejected by every girl? You can come up with the solution of being rejected again and again by answering the following questions. And these questions are :

  • Why did she reject you?
  • what was the thing that went wrong?
  • How can you improve yourself in such a way that you do not have to face any rejection from now onwards?

Some Reasons Of Why A Guy Rejected By Every Girl?

Here are some reasons why you keep getting rejected again and again. you may improve yourself by knowing the reasons and working on these repeatedly to become great.

She Is Already Committed To Someone Else

Maybe, the girl you got rejected from is emotionally attached to someone else. when a girl gets emotionally attached to someone, she can never see another person as her lover. when a girl rejects you for being emotionally attached with someone else, it is totally not your fault. Also, there is nothing there for you to work on. Just try to forget her and move on.

Not Her Type

Whenever we think of sharing our life with a person, we set some standards on our mind regarding that person. The girl you got rejected from had already made some standards and preferences about the person she wants to be with.

And maybe she did not find you getting matched with the standards and preferences she wants to have in her partner. You were way out of her league. That’s why, she could not help rejecting you.

while facing this type of rejection, there are some things you can work on and make yourself better. Try to know the standards or preferences of your crush. And try to match yourself with her standards and preferences.

For example, If your crush is interested in those guys who dress well, smell good, reads a lot, you can try to dress well, smell great and read a lot books just to have her attention. Maybe, going according to this direction, you can have her heart.

You Approached Her Without Giving Her Time To Prepare

Maybe the girl you are interested in is not used to being approached directly. She felt really weird when you approached her as she did not see it coming. That’s why, she became really confused when you approached her and rejected you.

To avoid this type of mistake while approaching, you can give some initial hints regarding how you feel about her. Giving hints before approaching eases the process of giving proposal.

In this way, she gets time to prepare herself for giving proper reaction. So, always try to let her know what you feel by showing some signs. Let her see what you really intend to do.

She Thinks You Are Just Desperate To Get A Girlfriend

The worst thing you can do is making a woman feel like she is just another notch on your bedpost. Maybe, the girl you are interested in has already seen you flirting with other girls. And she thought you approached her just because you were too desperate to get a girlfriend and you are not genuinely into her.

All a woman wants that you will make her feel that she is that one person in your life and you do not want to have any other girl in your life except her. Because the worst thing a woman can feel is she is just another woman who can be replaceable too easily.

When you are about to approach a girl, do not hit on other girls. Do make sure to make her feel like she is that one person in your life and you are into her by all of your heart and soul.

You Do Not Make Her Feel Special

Have you ever wondered why every girl loses her interest after talking to you for a while? Have you asked yourself the following questions?

  • Did you show her that you are totally interested in her?
  • Did you listen attentively when she was pouring her heart out?
  • Did you give her all of your attention in such a way that she felt really great?
  • Did you ask her enough questions about herself to make her feel like you are so interested in knowing her?

Trust me, Making a girl feel special is the first step of getting a girl’s attention. The success of your approach highly depends on your ability to make her feel special.

If you make a girl feel good about herself she will let her guard down and eventually she will show interest in you. She may also fall in love with you just like that!

You Have A Bad Reputation

If you have a bad reputation, It’s really hard for you to get a girl as your girlfriend. No girl will find you attractive if you have a negative reputation.You may have to face rejection again and again if you have a negative reputation.

To get yourself out of badly reputed zone, Prove everyone that you have Standards, values and principles. A girl will get automatically interested in you if you truly bring a change in yourself by adding proper values and principles in your characteristics.

It is very normal for a guy to get rejected by someone at least once in his life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to get stuck on your failure while not taking lessons from it and not making yourself better.


You can surely bring some positive changes in yourself and make yourself better than you ever were. If you continuously work on making yourself better and be a better version of your previous version, you will not have to face rejection from girls again.

I hope this article clarifies your query, Why A Guy Rejected By Every Girl?

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