She Just Wants To Be Friends! – What Should I Do?

Maybe you are a guy who invested all of his energy, enthusiasm, love, attention towards a girl he is interested in. But she just wants to be friends.

You are so crazy about that girl that you can go all the way just to have her in your life. But then, it turned out that the girl you have feelings for considers you as only her friend.

She Just Wants To Be Friends

That sounds very miserable thing to encounter, right? Indeed, it does. And you may find yourself in serious trouble by taking wrong decision in this point of your life.

Why Does She Just Wants To Be Friends?

There can be so many so many reasons why she does not want to be more than your friend.

1) She Is Not Sure About Her Feelings

Making the decision of choosing someone as your life partner is such a big decision of your life.  Maybe she is not sure about you. Maybe she does not see you as her lover yet. That’s why she is still taking some time to be sure about her feelings.

2) Things Are Moving Fast

Maybe, you two started talking with each other just 2 or 3 weeks ago. And this little amount of time is not enough for her to consider you as her significant other. And She thinks you are just hurrying up to be her lover.

3) She Is Afraid Of Getting In A Serious Relationship

Being in a serious relationship requires you a great deal of commitment, enthusiasm, energy, time and effort. And she is afraid of making such efforts that are necessary to make a relationship work out.

4) She Does Not See You As Her Lover

Maybe she never felt any kind of romantic feeling or desire towards you. She never thought of you in that way. That’s why, she just wants to be your friend

In this awkward situation, you can choose one of the three options :

  1. Agreeing to be her friend
  2. offering her a proposal of dating you till she feels the same.
  3. Walking away from her

Option-1: Agreeing To Be Her Friend

If you do not feel strong romantic emotions for her, you can choose to be her friend. You may find a peaceful solution by agreeing to be her friend.

But before agreeing to this proposal, you have to think over some things wisely. Go through the following questions and give answers!

  • Are you totally okay with not expressing any romantic feeling in front of her from now onwards?
  • Are you totally satisfied to be her friend?
  • Will you be able to tolerate it if she engages herself with some other man?
  • will you be able to engage yourself with other woman while remaining in friendship with her?

If your answers of the following questions are “yes”, then go ahead and be her friend. If you have quite control over your romantic feeling for her and you can resist the temptation of having her as your girlfriend, you will do just fine being her friend.

But even if one of your answers of the following questions is ” No”, then don’t take the decision of being her friend too soon. Think it over wisely while taking your time.

You may encounter some serious problems if you choose to be her friend while carrying loads of emotional feelings for her in your heart. You will have to resist the temptation of showing your love and desire in front of her everyday.

You will have to be okay even if she hangs out with other men. you will have to play the role of her friend for eternity while having serious emotions for her.

Option – 2: Offering Her A Proposal Of Dating You Till She Feels The Same

If you can not resist the urge of being her significant other, you can take a different path to pursue her. you can simply offer her to date you for a particular period of time so that she can find out whether she wants you in her life or not.

But please do not create any pressure on her for trying you out as her lover. you can simply approach her by saying,

“I know you do not see me as your romantic partner. But hey, we can take it slow. we do not have to go to the romantic phase soon. we can take one step at a time. Maybe slowly, but surely we will get there after giving some time and effort. I would gladly make efforts since I do not want any one but you.”

Make sure to be gentle with her. Do not force her to choose you. Remember, you do not have the power to make her see you as her lover. All you can do is making an effort being gentle.

Option – 3: Walking Away From Her

If you see that she is showing no sign of any romantic interest towards you, the least you can do is walking away from her. Apparently, If you agree to be her friend, you will only remain in her friend zone. And then you will have to hide your romantic emotions from her continuously.

And also you will have to see her becoming someone else’s which will only make you suffer miserably. There is no point of being in miserable pain while seeing your love walking away with someone else, right?

Then what is the point of being in her friend zone and make your poor little heart suffer? Be brave and walk away from her like a gentleman holding your dignity.

Maybe your decision of walking away from her will make her feel the absence of something she has lost. Maybe then she will make an effort to get you back in her life.

And even if she does not feel any sense of pain at your leaving away, you will earn her respect. Because you behaved like a dignified man by simply walking away instead of pushing her to be your lover.


Now, analyze those three options while giving your full attention and choose one. Follow your brain along with your heart while coming to the conclusion. I hope now you understand the situation about why she just wants to be friends.

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