Someone Please Help Me – When Someone Asks For Help

Are you depressed? Don’t worry! Do you want someone to please help you? You aren’t alone. You will get assistance, and someone will help you.

In this article, we will describe the topic of “Someone Please Help You.” A human being lives in society. Here sorrow and pleasure come step by step. When a person crosses any condition, he wants a supportive somebody who helps him in any circumstances.

When someone passes into a very dangerous moment in depression, he wants to release him from uncomfortable moments and shouts her mind and says, “Someone Please Help Me.  When a man feels helpless and can’t decide without considering his thoughts, he wants someone to share her feelings and cares for him in an anxious moment.

Hey everyone! I need some help, and I’m not sure who to ask. I’m new to blogging, and I’m not sure how to create a catchy introduction paragraph for my blog posts. Can someone please help me out? Thanks! In this circumstance, if he gets proper support and care and even a doctor’s supervision, he can grow his self-esteem and can regain his self-confidence.

Someone Please Help Me

When Do You Need Someone to Help?

When Do You Need Someone to Help


A man can face many problems in his life because life is not a bed of roses. In the world, every person needs support in their danger. When a person falls into depression in his life, he feels someone’s support who pays attention to the depressed person’s word. Here some situations are described when you feel the need for someone help:

  • When you live in a society with many people, but you feel alone, you need someone who will help you.
  • When you drop in a problem and exhaust all possible explanations, you want someone who will support you in your danger.
  • When you refuse your lovely person and lose the trust of your relative, you feel like a person with whom you can believe and can share everything.
  • When you don’t get any time from your relatives, you require somebody who provides you time and consideration for your feelings.
  • When you are in uncomfortable emotions, just like fear, awkwardness, distress, and anxiety, you need someone who can give you strength and can support you in this situation.

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What To Do When You Feel Helpless?

What To Do When You Feel Helpless

There are many reasons to make you helpless. A person can face this incapable condition in both his private or career life. This traumatic situation occurs in different crises, and it causes many problems too. Here some tips are given below based on what to do when you think helpless:

  • Firstly, you should think that you are a man who lives in a society, you can get help from another person. But before getting help from another person, you should help yourself at first because you know yourself well. You protect from any external issue because life may be finding many unhappy and helpless moments. It would be best if you made a barrier in these unnecessary emotions.
  • An unhealthy and unfit body impacts your mind. A weak person loses his strength and also goes upset and helpless. Day by day, you fail to think deeply and depend on another person and lose your self-help. For this reason, you should exercise and create a positive movement of your mind that helps and increase your thinking and analysis.
  • Nowadays, different social media publishes different content, if you see these contents. It will affect positive besides negative and negative impressions make you oblige by thinking powerless. So, you should avoid this type of content which decreases your evaluating mind rather than involving you in inspiring and motivating things.
  • At last, if you can’t control yourself or think that you can’t maintain your right way, you can get support or help from the right person or a doctor.

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How Do You Know If Someone Wants To Help You – Follow the Guide

How Do You Know If Someone Wants To Help You - Follow the Guide


A strong and confident person may think that he is enough for him. No help is needed from him. But in some situations, he also fails his confidence and needs help from someone, and he can’t express his emotions to another. Though this helpless person can express their feelings, you can understand his need as a real friend. Here some situations are shown below:

  • A helpless person fights with him and his family and binds him in a small bound area where he doesn’t like another access.
  • He goes unsuccessful with his task, and he can’t think of normal tasks in an easy way.
  • He doesn’t take care of himself perfectly and gradually creates many significant signs such as weight loss and many diseases.
  • His behavior becomes rough, and he also takes different unnecessary tasks that make him worthless.
  • He loses interest in his task and even stops to think about his future and career.
  • He starts to unbelieve people and makes him useless in all sectors.
  • Generally, he makes a distance from his responsibility and society and ignores different social activities.
  • Sleeplessness is bound to him, and anger and violent tasks are filled with him.
  • Overthinking makes him hopeless and causes many disorder moments.

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What Can You Do When Someone Wants Help from You?


In this small world, every person is dependable on another. Someone can release his sorrows by getting your help, and also, you need someone’s help in your depressed time. Here some important ways are described to help another person to make him happy and provide support in his dangerous time:

  • Firstly, you should provide your time to your depressed and helpless friend and listen to his words with patience because many people need a trusty friend who gives him time, listens attentively to his speech, and gives importance to him.
  • You should know your friend’s approach to what he wants to do and what is in his mind, and after knowing it, you can go to your next step. If your friend wants to do the right or good thing, you can support him. But if he wants to do corrupt things, you can make him convince him to come back from it.
  • You can provide him mental support. You can call or help him to reduce his distress. From your support, he can understand his value and can make him a worthy person.
  • Finally, If you fail to help him and the situation goes out of control, you can take your friend to a doctor or psychiatrist to check him and go back to his previous one or healthy person.

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What Can A Helpless Person Do?


Every person needs help from another. But when he doesn’t get help from another, he loses her belief in him and the person beside him. Then he does many unnecessary tasks and also doesn’t behave in many bad habits. A people which steps can take when he doesn’t get help from other, lists are given below:

  • He can suicide his life because he feels that he feels valueless.
  • He can hate himself, even his relatives, since he is a lonely person.
  • He can ignore his friends and another person as he thinks that he is alone.
  • He becomes upset and comes sorrow to him because he thinks of him as a worthless person.

An energetic person always depends on his force and talent, but sometimes he feels like an insignificant person. In this situation, he thinks that if he gets someone’s help, he will get his previous power and analyze his condition. That’s why he talks with her mind and expresses, “Someone Please Help You.” If someone needs your help to improve his mental health, then it’s your responsibility to help him.

On Earth, every person leads a meaningful life, and also, someone needs another help to live.

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Now, I hope you understand the fact about when someone says “someone please help me. If you have any question then comment below. It can be really tough going through tough times by yourself. You may feel lost, helpless, and just plain sad. It can be hard to muster up the courage to move on, let alone start living again.

But don’t worry, you’re not alone. You have friends who care about you and want to help in any way they can. And that’s why we’re here. We want to offer our support and share some of the resources we’ve found that may be of help to you during this time.

So if someone, please help me, that means you’re not alone and that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Keep fighting and know that we will be here for you!


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What Do You Do When You Need Help?

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