What Makes You Really Attractive To Women? [Details Explained]

Maybe you are a guy who is extremely shy and introvert but always had this idea or fascination that on a fine day, you will get a magical power of being attractive to women.

But Somehow, the things you have tried out to be attractive to women failed miserably and you started losing all your hope to allure women with your magical charm. So, What Makes You Really Attractive To Women?

What Makes You Really Attractive To Women

But don’t worry. Here, you will get proper direction on being finally a man having this astonishing charm of attractiveness in the eye of women.

To get you started, here are some behavioral and psychological traits that women find so attractive about men. Going through these traits and behaviors, you will be able to find out about what to do next.

What Makes You Really Attractive To Women With Some Behavioral And Psychological Traits

What Makes You Really Attractive To Women With Some Behavioral And Psychological Traits

1. Sincerity


Sincerity has become so rare in this mechanical world. And maybe, its rareness is something that makes sincerity so amazing virtue to possess to attract a woman as a woman don’t get it very often.

If you really want to become attractive to women, learn to be sincere first. Women like it very much when someone becomes genuinely sincere to them. They adore someone who is genuinely sincere with his words, intentions, actions. So, try to possess this outstanding virtue to stand out in front of women.

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2. Wisdom


Wisdom is something which makes a man more attractive than he already is. A man who keeps knowledge about art, culture, religion, history, politics, philosophy and other interesting topics is definitely someone having a different kind of charm which attracts women.

Try to occupy your mind with various kinds of knowledge regarding various topics. woman will surely want to surround herself with a man who keeps wisdom in his pocket on a regular basis.

Listening Skill

Listening Skill

Sometimes, all a woman want is someone who will listen to all of her tantrums, rantings, feelings that are running so fast in between her head.

Listen to her with attention without passing any critical judgement and assure her that you will be always there for her to listen. Your outstanding capability of listening will surely give you a head start in becoming attractive to women.

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Intelligence is such a virtue which a woman craves passionately in her partner. Being intelligent does not mean you’ll have to know about robotics and other Scientific issues.

It means you will have to show your capability in dealing any critical issues in practical life smartly. It means holding power of continuing a conversation smartly.

Having intelligence means being unique even belonging in a corner, talking about things in such a way that people can’t help listening.

Intelligence is surely something you should possess to grab the attention of women.

The Art Of Telling Stories Magnificently

Good Taste In Music And Movies

Women always give importance to the kind of men who can tell good stories. Women feel strong attraction for men who have their unique ways of telling things. Simply, a woman can not resist someone who mastered the art of transforming an insignificant incident into a whole good story.

As a result, a woman ends up listening to him while paying her full attention. Surely, mastering the art of telling things magnificently will keep you way ahead of other men.

Sense Of Humor

Sense Of Humor

Women love laughing out loud. And they love someone even more who has capability of making them laugh. A man who has the ability of telling funny jokes and describing a tiny incident in a funny way is surely someone a woman finds attractive.

Try to be funny, tell funny but delightful jokes which will make a woman laugh. Maybe you will be able to grab attention of an woman just because you made her laugh on one of the saddest days of her life



Confidence is such a virtue which makes someone stand out even out of a crowd.  possessing this virtue makes a man 10 times more alluring to a women.

A man can literally win a woman’s heart by telling things more confidently, showing confidence in his every word, intention and action.

Don’t forget to wear confidence like your magical charm if you want to become ten times more attractive than you already are.

Behaving Like A Gentleman

Behaving Like A Gentleman

When a woman dream about her prince charming, she definitely imagines someone who is well acquainted with proper manners and behaviors, modesty, sincerity, honesty and dignity.

So, don’t forget to make yourself stand out as a proper gentleman before trying to become attractive to women.



Women feel strong desire for men who drive themselves towards passion, who work relentlessly just because they feel passion for something they are really into.

Develop a great passion for something. Then show it proudly like your favorite outfit. Talk about your passion while pouring your whole heart out.

Women will surely start falling for you just when you start describing your passion while making your eyes shine brightly like a diamond.

Good Taste In Music And Movies

Why She Wants To Be Just Friends

Being with a man who listens to good music and watches good movies is surely a lot of fun. Keep listening to good music and watching great movies.

And then try to have a delightful conversation regarding these things and suggest good movies and music to the woman you like. Surely, you’ll be able to catch her attention by doing so.

Last Words

Surely, each woman has her own preference. But behaving according to the traits mentioned above, you can be more attractive than you ever were as these traits are some things that almost every woman wants in every man, be it knowingly or unknowingly. So, I hope now you understand the fact about what makes you really attractive to women.

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