I Want My Girlfriend To Cheat On Me – Whats The Matter?

A healthy relationship is a divine thing. As we live on earth, nothing is perfect, or nothing always remains perfect. This same thing can be applied in a relationship.

A relationship does not always remain perfect. There are a lot of ups and downs in a relationship between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. What to do if a guy says, “I want my girlfriend to cheat on me?”

I Want My Girlfriend To Cheat On Me

There are some reasons for a boyfriend to think like this, and he might want his girlfriend to cheat on him.

Some Reasons Of Why He Want His Girlfriend To Cheat On Him

Some Reasons Of Why He Want His Girlfriend To Cheat On Him

The Boyfriend Does Not Contend-

The Boyfriend Does Not Contend

There must be a sacrifice to make a relationship worked out. If the guy is not satisfied with his girlfriend and is into other girls, he might want to break up with his girl. This is because the boyfriend does not want his girlfriend to know about his actual intention.

The boyfriend wants his girlfriend to cheat on him and catch her so he can easily get rid of her without any doubt and continue with other girls. Many people in this world do not contend with a single woman. They want to taste different.

The Girlfriend Is Not Good For Him-

The Girlfriend Is Not Good For Him

Only the man is not always responsible for a relationship breakdown. This is like you can’t clap with a single hand. Sometimes women are also responsible for this type of thinking.

The main goal for a relationship is ultimately the same, understanding each other, caring for each other, loving each other and protecting each other. Not all the relationship starts with complete knowledge about the boy and the girl.

After getting to know each other, one should give priority to others like and unlike. If the guy does not get his expected care, understanding, and love, he will never want to be with his girlfriend. He will try to find the small reasons to break up with her.

Psychological Reason-

Psychological Reason

The earth we live in is full of wonders. The human mind is the most wonderful thing. Different people think; differently their perspectives are also different.

Some people are very open-minded and understanding; some are not. Many guys will not forbid their girlfriend to hang out and have sex with another guy if she wants it. The same thinking can also be applied to women.

But there are also many people who will start suspecting if his girlfriend if she just talks with a stranger with a smile. Understanding each other is always the main key to keep a relationship healthy.

Common Complications In A Relationship-

Common Complications In A Relationship

Every relationship undergoes some common complications at some point. But these should be temporary; the guy and girl should try their best to overcome these complications to continue their relationship.

Arguing With Each Other-

Arguing With Each Other

An argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend is the most common complication in a relationship. There might be issues, reasons behind this. This will turn into a bigger problem if the other person does not listen or does not care.

One should think about what he is not happy about and talk with the other person to avoid unnecessary arguments. A person should be expressive, not be the introvert type with his partner.

Communication Gap-

Communication Gap

A couple should expend enough time among themselves and speak about what is going on in their everyday lives. There is a greater possibility of a communication gap if both the partners are busy with their job and cannot make enough time for each other.

They should stop blaming each other for the gap and try to take some time for each other. If this is not possible for both of them, they should at least make time for each other on the weekend. This will greatly reduce their communication gap.

Growing Apart-

Growing Apart

Normally, people will change over time, but the change should always be toward positivity. Nobody changes suddenly; changes come gradually.

One person should understand adapt to the changes of other people. If he does not like the change, he can try to make her understand this positively and change her behavior towards positivity.



External pressure and life events can affect relationships. Some incidents outside, like- in the office, can make one of the partners sad, pressurized or traumatized. In this type of circumstance, the other person should give his best possible mental support. This will create a great bonding with each other.



Only mental care, love, understanding cannot make a relationship worked out. Sex is a divine thing given by God. All the people on this earth are not sexually healthy and active. If a couple undergoes a sexual problem, they should support each other mentally and need medical attention or specialist help.

One should know about his self wants and desires, also his partner’s wants and desires. This will help to make them spend a healthy and joyful sex life.



Money can be the greatest cause of arguments between couples. If one takes money from others and does not return it in time and repeatedly, this might cause arguments. Some people naturally save money, and some spend. To avoid an argument about money, a person should understand the nature of his partner.



Relationship changes over time. Long time spending with each other might cause boredom because they know everything about each other inside out. People should try to create excitement if they feel bored. They can openly discuss with their partner and find out ways and stop complaining about each other.


Understanding and support each other is very important for a couple to maintain a better relationship. They should not cheat on one another. Decisions should be made mutually. A guy should not think, ‘I want my girlfriend to cheat on me just because he wants to leave her.

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